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Bobby Rose is a music composer for Films, Television and Video games. His works have been featured in movies for the Lifetime Channel, HBO, Netflix, UPTV, as well as games on Steam and mobile. He has always had a fascination for both video game and film music and has been composing in the style for over 15 years. He studied music composition at UCSD (Bachelor’s degree) and went on to receive a Master’s in Music for Film from the Pacific Northwest Film Composition program at the Seattle Film Institute. While there, he was given the opportunity to score a few short films and record with ensembles ranging from 3 musicians to a full orchestra.

Since entering the industry in 2013, he has scored over 30 films for television, as well as worked in the gaming industry as both a composer and orchestrator.


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Shmadow Soundtrack

Immuno Soundtrack

Unearned Bounty Soundtrack

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